Georgia Wheeler

Hi, I’m Georgia! I was born in Canada (eh!), but I have been living in Broome for the last 10 years. I grew up with dogs, cats, gerbils, fish, and I was even lucky enough to have a horse in the family. I finished university in 2007 and decided I wanted to travel more before I settled into a career, so I packed a bag and went on an adventure to Australia. Little did I know, that 11 years later, I'd still be in Australia, living in a beautiful town in the far north west. It's a long way from the snowy cold of Canada, I tell ya.

I love animals, always have, so it’s no surprise they were the center of attention when I decided to take my interest in photography and turn it into a passion.  I'm quite partial to the canine variety that share our homes, our lives and our hearts. My husband and I have two furbabies of our own; Zak, a kelpie cross, and Lily, a Broome Special. They are the best couch warmers, scary noise chaserawayers, tell me off for leaving the house for 5 minutes, official food tasters, cuddlers, laughter creators and adventure companions anyone could ask for. They were my inspiration and the reason I decided to start this business.

I generally reference photographing dogs as that is what I do most, but I will capture any pet you want, feline, equine, avian or reptilian.