The Experience

The experience has a few steps to it. I want to ensure we get everything right and you have something in your hands by the end of it to cherish and enjoy forever.


The Pre-Session

After your initial enquiry, I will send you a little questionnaire that will help me get to know you and your dog(s). With that information, we may even chat over the phone or meet in person to discuss what you are hoping to achieve from your session. I want to make sure we capture everything you are looking for and choose the best location for you and your dog.


The Session

This is the best part of the whole experience, according to the dog anyway. We’ll meet at the location of choice and capture those amazing images. To your dog, this is basically going for a big adventure. The session will last approximately 2 hours.

Nala round.png

Asha round.png

The Editing

Sit back and relax now. Over the next few weeks, I will hand select the best images and edit them to make them shine.


The Viewing and Ordering

We will meet up a few weeks after the session, either at your place or a café, where I will present your finished images for viewing. This is the time to make some selections and pick what images you love and how you want to present them.